TikTok has outgrown 2 to 3 billion downloads online during 2020. It reached 2 billion downloads as soon as it got 1.5 billion just in the time gap of 5 months. TikTok now has more than 800 million active users every month. The application is rapidly growing with an enormous user count. Many people and brands are making use of TikTok to engage themselves if they are users and engage the customers if they are brand companies. Brand companies concentrate more on user attention as they put up updates related to their products and services. It is vital for the companies to buy TikTok likes for their updates to ensure that people are looking into their promotions. The following are a few best brand companies making use of TikTok for their branding purposes. 

Elf Cosmetics

With billions of views and millions of user-generated content, a challenge created by Elf Cosmetics remains to be the most popular campaign up to date. It includes an original song that is exclusively designed for the challenge initiated by the brand. The influencer played a significant role in sharing the video with the people, celebrities, and viewers to watch it and share it further. The song got viral on all the social media platforms and not just in TikTok. As a response, this cosmetic company produced a video with specific music to release the song as a whole. The nature of the campaigns feels more native to the application. Eventually, Elf Cosmetics was the first brand to prove the ability of TikTok in terms of marketing. It also encouraged other brands to make one for their products to attempt marketing in the TikTok application.


The NBA adopted TikTok at the earliest, due to the pandemic, the focus on the application has increased. The NBA produces more variety of content, and so it remains to be the most successful application in marketing on TikTok. Their versatile contents include prank videos, behind-the-scenes, exciting challenges, content with reasonable price offers, and so on. The brand maintains a routine of scheduling updates. It updates around 6 to 7 videos a day to keep things active. NBA has more loyal followers with an approximate count of 11.5M.  It always maintains its stability in the field of marketing and promotions by providing only quality videos. 

Fenty Beauty

In general, ‘collab houses’ are the group of influencers who stay together to expand the social media procedures. The first brand to produce its own collab house is Fenty beauty.  The house was named the Fenty beauty house. The house comprises 4 to 5 content creators working together; right now, they are continuing to produce fun and valuable content by working remotely. This house is a package of vibrant members working together. The brand depends on the influencer’s popularity, and they do not advertise their house separately. It works well with the familiarity of the influencers and the audience’s interest in the brand’s products and services. It does not depend on any other things in the marketing field. 


It is a Media network(digital) that belongs to the US, an expert in scenic, technology, engineering, and math. It is not much familiar to all, but right now, it is entirely developing a good follower base on the TikTok application. The brand right now has built around 3.5M engagements since 2019 July. The primary reason behind its continued success is its focus on socialism which is highly preferred by Gen Z users worldwide. It consists of highly engaging things which include soundtracks and music and so on. 

Final Note

A lot of brands are right now using TikTok to enhance their branding and product promotions. It remains to be the best place for both reputed brands and startups, to begin with, branding. Irrespective of its reputation, any brand can leverage TikTok app to gain good results in its product promotions. The above are few brands that use TikTok for brands and are thriving right now. We believe you can also be beneficial when you utilize TikTok for your company’s digital marketing.  Know more about the application and employ it the right way to be successful.