Rapid Growth of TikTok

TikTok has become the most popular social app of late last year. You can see most of the people were posting clips on TikTok. Just as Snapchat had roamed previously, TikTok became the app that you must enjoy. That people had to share with their friends. Buy TikTok views to be viewed everywhere in the world.

Instagram is the fast-growing social app.instagram increased to 444 million new downloads in 2018 – so TikTok is now actually increasing with more significant momentum than the Facebook-owned image platform. 

TikTok has groomed from strength to strength, especially in the US market. TikTok now has more than 25 million monthly active users. TikTok users spent an average, 46 minutes per day in the app. TikTok was like brother for musically.

Instagram users were spending nearly 53 minutes per day on the Android device. Snapchat users are active for 49.5 minutes per day. TikTok is one way to have the world in its hand.

There is no doubt that brands are paying attention paying to TikTok. Because this entertaining giant has growing day by day.

TikTok for Brands?

TikTok is on the way to advertise brands on their fan’s screen.

1.TikTok Ad

Why does everyone want to become famous? So if you are so famous on any social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram. Anyone who has a mass audience behind them can act as a social media influencer. This also will give money. Try TikTok services from Trollishly to fill your content with ads.


TikTok isn’t starting from the same like other platforms do. TikTok already decided and planned for advertisements. It is very different, TikTok had started from an advanced position. You can subscribe to a daily newsletter from TikTok. Email sending is also considered as a part of advertising. These kind of emails can be received when you subscribe.

So Now The Question Will Arise, Does This Advertising Will Help Brands?

TikTok’s monetized advertising platform is still in the works. The price of the TikTok advertising campaign depends on the type of ad and relies on your end-user. Adweek.com reports that brand takeover ads cost $50,000 to $20,000 i.e., $50,000 per day with a guaranteed 5 million ad impressions. 

In-feed ads cost $10-per-impression, having a minimum campaign expenditure of $6,000. Promoting a hashtag challenge requires a budget of $100,000 to $200,000. Large industry need to go to this kind of promotion.

As we saw the demographics and statistics of TikTok. We are in the stage to compare TikTok with other platforms like, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook. While TikTok is a short- video recording entertaining media. It needs to be different from others. And TikTok never disappointed their fans. TikTok is on the way to welcome all people from the world. While seeing this, brands are reminded to take advantage of TikTok for their brand advertising. TikTok is finding the best and innovative way to present brands advertisements. The dreams of brands will come true soon.


Here are the reasons why big brands are turning into Instagram as a business stage. The advanced and business favorable features are the major reason why big brands are turning into Instagram. Instagram is emerging social media where you can become a successful personality instantly. If anyone wants to become famous on Instagram having a good impression is a key to success. Buy free Instagram likes to your Instagram posts.

  1. Oreo – @oreo – 1.6m followers
  2. Starbucks – @starbucks – 8.9m followers
  3. Ben & Jerry’s – @benandjerrys – 635k followers
  4. Nike – @nike – 47.4m followers
  5. H&M – @hm – 14.2m followers
  6. Adidas Originals – @adidasoriginals – 11.8m followers
  7. BMW – @bmw – 6.8m followers
  8. Musical.ly – @musical.ly – 5m followers

These are the most famous brands which shines using Instagram. And also they had a huge crowd of fans to follow actively. Brands are taking advantage of Instagram because of these insights.

United States: 120 million

India: 75 million 

United Kingdom: 24 million

These insights show how Instagram had penetrated deep into the world. And also the following aspects are the reason why brands rush into Instagram. Instagram avails 5 kinds of advertising formats. The pricing will also differs according to the ad format. 

Photo Ads – Your standard Instagram post format

Video Ads – The same as above, but with a video in place of a photo.

Carousel Ads – A slideshow ad, which allows for multiple images.

Stories Ads – These are Instagram’s version of Snapchat ads seen at the top of the feed.

Collection Ads – A catalog ad that takes users through your product offerings.

Brands are making their presence on Instagram using the above formats. As per Instagram, 60% of people found new products on Instagram, and 20% of Instagram users view a business profile every day. Plus, 33% of the most trending Instagram Stories are shared by businesses. Instagram is considered worth spending money to expand the business. Since Facebook got the top place for social media business page. Slowly every social media adopting this feature to increase their revenue.

People show constant interest in buying the right products on social media like DIY’s, handcrafted arts, outfits are the most purchased things on social media. 

You don’t have to wonder about online purchasing. Nowadays, small retailers are utilizing the benefits of online marketing Instagram like platforms. If you have any special skills to produce things you can become an entrepreneur.

We can list so many companies are successfully running their business on the internet using social media like Instagram and Facebook. 

  1. Madewell – outfits
  2. Tiffany & Co – watch and jewelry 
  3. Away – suitcase and luggage carriers
  4. Glossier – beauty and cosmetics
  5. Beardbrand – beard grooming and maintenance. 

These are the top 5 online businesses that are running successfully. These companies are an inspiration for everyone who wants to start an online business. The above example has different niches and all are about lifestyle. Instagram is the best medium to sell everyday products. Increase your customer rate with Twitrounds, buy Instagram services.

Since Instagram is more visual media, we can easily promote our brand by capturing innovative images of your product. This is all you need to do while increasing your brand popularity. Once people showed interested in your profile there is more likely to follow everything about your business.