SEO is a dynamic strategy that can help you to stay top of the SERPs. The rules can result in better this year, but not the same as next year. There are over 3.5 billion searches on Google’s search engine. When your website starts to rank on the first page of search results, you can get more views. So the effort is to be on the first page of Google’s search results. Let’s get deep into how to make your website visible on the first page of Google results. Social media service providers like TikViral can help you to gain a valuable and dedicated crowd for you. Increased website traffic helps brands in many ways by generating leads, brand awareness, and so on. Among the ways to raise more visitors to your websites, here are the best ways to find valuable traffic to your site.

Write a Long Blog

For better optimization, marketing experts have put their efforts into creating a quality of content for a blog. This is a promised way to get the most results. In-depth blogs that describe a particular subject can get better search rankings. As a study on one million Google searches, results on the first page have 1,890 words on the landing page.

Google’s keyword planner tool is an ultimate way to find targeting keywords for your blog. Another way to boost your blog with keywords is that focusing on the placements of keyword addition such as title tag, URL, header tags, and in image captions. An advisable technique for long blogs is to choose topics to target viewers rather than keywords. If you don’t have any idea about exact keywords, you can use keywords from your competitors. This can provide a considerable reach because it has worked for someone, and it will work for you also. You can Because Google determines the position based topic and page content even though Keywords is an essential element that can help users find exactly what they want.

The structure of a blog content tends to gain more visibility, so choosing the right format can help you for better SEO. The format that generates more views and shares is “Why and How to blogs.” Infographics and Video incorporated blogs receive more traffic next to why and how to blog. Now it’s time to think about the number of words since there are no precise counts, a content that gives in-depth information on a subject can get good rankings. The considerable count for a long blog post is 1500 words. However, this can be increased or decreased.

Get Quality Backlinks from High Domain Authority

The way to increase credibility for your website is to backlink your site’s links to the high Domain Authority site. The process is called Guest blogging, where you put your link to a domain that has more visitors. High-quality backlinks increase reliability on the search engine and help you to get higher rankings on SERPs.

Create Internal Links

The goal is to make your customers spend more time reading your articles, so it is a good practice to use internal links on your website that directs viewers to your other articles. It gives you an organized structure, and this can let Google’s web spider crawl stuff of yours.

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you to gain visibility instantly, and the more followers you have, the more you have the chance to get more views. Many people tend to buy TikTok likes and various social media services to grow their profile’s reputation online. The ways are infinite to share on social media, stories, posts, pages, messaging apps, communities are few means among them. Sharing links through messaging apps and stories has seen significant growth for online businesses.

Optimize For Smartphones

The fact isn’t surprising because the world is moving forward where a smartphone can fulfill all of their needs, such as payments, communication, work, and so on. Smartphone utilization is growing upward. So the marketing activities should focus more on content optimization for smartphones. The following fact can make you think about content optimization, and half of all over website traffic has been generated from mobile devices since 2017. Mobile-friendly websites that are easy to view on any device can be the input to gain more traffic.


Websites are one of the most trusted sources of accurate information used by almost 90% of the world population, so the techniques are highly valuable and worth integrating with your website branding process. Sites are the most powerful tool that is used to generate leads. As per statistics, 46% of people who browse blogs to make a purchase are more likely to buy the products. A compelling blog can increase credibility and sales rate.